Corlinda Wooden


Corlinda Wooden is a passionate leader of the credit union movement whose driving motivation is to make an impact through offering growth and empowerment with everyone she interacts with. She specializes in facilitating sales and service curriculum, leadership development and pushing innovative approaches to drive bottom line results.

Corlinda is the co-founder for Wooden Consulting, LLC and has been in the financial industry for 20 plus years. Throughout her career she’s held all of the branch level positions as well as been a corporate trainer, sales and development consultant, and a director of branch services. In this time Corlinda has developed a reputation for being a key player in the credit union movement. Her passion for helping people succeed coupled with her years of experience and creativity have helped the teams she has worked with reach new heights.

Corlinda earned a BA in Management and Information Systems and Qualitative Analysis from the School of Business at Portland State University and she currently lives outside of Portland, Oregon. In addition to her work with Wooden Consulting, Corlinda also serves as a Project Manager for Filene Research Institute’s Financial Empowerment Incubator. Additionally, she was named one of Credit Union Magazine’s CU Movement Rock Stars for her leadership in driving a successful sales and service culture amongst the 80+ employees she managed. Corlinda was also among the top 15 credit union professionals for CUES’ Next Top Credit Union Executive Competition where she shared some of her strategies regarding the future of the branching model in the credit union industry.

Corlinda’s experience and conviction for making the credit union industry a stronger player in the financial industry makes for an extraordinary partnership with your credit union.


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