Coaching Strategies…Keys to Long Term Success

If Coaching = Sustainability and Sustainability = Results then why does consistent coaching die off? Coaching is the most cost effective approach you can use to strengthen performance, whether with frontline staff or back office departments. Knowing this, we need to step back and determine what is getting in the way and how we can overcome it. From there, we need to take the next steps for making coaching a reality. Lastly, we need to embrace coaching as a constant and not a one hit wonder that drops off after a few months. In this session we will discuss common barriers to coaching and strategies to making coaching a priority, now and in the future. We will also review coaching templates and organizational tips and tools that can apply to every type of role at your credit union and that can be customized to your unique needs. Furthermore, we will cover how technology can aid you in your coaching efforts through the use of smart phones and tablets above and beyond what is available from your desktop computer.

Navigating Through Change and Coming Out on Top

Change is always a constant and it is in everyone’s future now more than ever with the shift of the banking model for your credit unions and your members. Because of this, why not learn techniques to help you and your team embrace it? In this presentation you will learn about a leadership methodology that will help you and your teams feel safe embracing change in order to move forward and achieve the results you are looking for. This includes learning how to effectively communicate, coach and deliver feedback, balance people’s personal piggy banks, and gain people’s buy-in and excitement.

Diving into Difficult Conversations

We have all faced non-performers, partners, or vendors that have made us cringe when we see things are not going as planned. The next step is having the courage and skill to address it. In this workshop you will learn the skills to master those conversations that you need to deliver but never want to. At the end of this session each person will receive steps to overcome objections, tools to assess why someone is not meeting expectations, a template to prepare for the conversation plus confidence when speaking and coaching.

Bring Out the Leader in You

This allows your credit union to develop the leadership skills and culture needed to meet specific challenges and business realities. For each credit union, our approach is consistent when developing emerging leaders, culture or the leadership strategy that delivers on your strategic plan. Wooden Consulting can meet your emerging leaders where they are and help take them where they want to go. Employees and leaders who attend this session will learn why its important to give the world a reason to dance, how to remove their head trash, how to lead up, down, and across, how to pinpoint their passion, and how to create and recognize more lollipop moments in life.

Leveraging Your Natural Talents

This session can be broken out into a presentation as well as a hands on workshop. In the presentation, we will review our prior teachings about our strengths, relatable examples, the talent equation and ways to uncover your natural talents. We will also discuss the currently opportunity and disengagement odds in the traditional workplace along with the recommended tools to take action. In the interactive workshop, each person will self reflect and learn more about their personalized talents and how they can apply this knowledge to leverage their performance and personal development. At the end of this session each person will leave with a Strengths Finder 2.0 Book, validation exercises, productive and non-productive aspects of your talents, and an action plan template to leverage your talents.

Leveraging the Team’s Talents (Must have already taken 'Leveraging Your Natural Talents’)

This workshop is designed to be a follow up session from the “Leverage Your Natural Talents” workshop. This session will focus on leveraging the talents of the entire team. Once everyone is aware and has time to reflect on their own unique talents you can continue to leverage talents by seeing how everyone works well together when they capitalize on the natural talents of each other. At the end of this session each person will leave with a compilation of the team’s weighted talents, a better understanding and appreciation for each person on the team, and an action plan template to leverage the team’s talents.

Innovative Strategy for Prospective Leaders

Facilitation of full-day strategy sessions to develop key takeaways that can be implemented immediately back at the office while also incorporating team building activities that keep everyone engaged and energized. Agendas for these meetings consist of leadership development topics, innovative strategy conversations, breakout sessions using proven brainstorming techniques, and assistance in developing a prototype for application of learnings and ideations to be able to take action on once back at the office.

Individualized Coaching

This personalized coaching is designed for middle level managers who are new to their role, feeling stagnant with their personal growth, or struggling with key performance indicators. The manager will receive a 360 degree feedback assessment to be delivered at the beginning of the coaching and then once more at the end of the coaching to help review their perceived brands to understand their strengths and opportunities and to validate their improvements during the coaching timeframe (6-12 months). In conjunction with this they will receive a personalized development action plan and monthly coaching sessions to support the work they will be completing on their career growth.

Crafting Powerful Personal Development Plans

Career development is imperative when creating loyal and lasting teams. In this session you will review sample plans for all areas of an employee’s development including an employee new to their role, an employee who wants to grow within the organization, and an employee who wants to be the best they can be in their current role. Prior to attending this session, each participant will need to select one employee to craft a personal development plan for and then meet with that employee to discuss what they would like to focus on so that in the session the participant can be prepared to craft one of their employee’s personal development plans with feedback and guidance.


Our services will provide your credit union with clear structure, innovative solutions, and a way to feel comfortable embracing leadership development and sales and service strategies. We offer an array of speaking, training, and consulting services in the following areas: